Marketing Your Home

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Now that you have decided to sell your home and have determined the fair market price, it is time to begin thinking about the most effective way to market your home to potential buyers. There are many ways of increasing the exposure of your home to the buyer market.

Remember, when you hire an agent from Apple Realty, they will coordinate and incur the costs of the majority of your home's marketing needs. In addition, we have access to a network of other real estate offices and agents within our Multiple Listing Service. Networking is key when trying to sell a home!

Below are some ideas that you, or your agent, can use to create greater market exposure of your home:

· Make a List of Special & Unique Features: Write down all of the fabulous and unique features of your property. What are some of the characteristics you truly love about your home? What improvements have you made to your property recently? Be as descriptive as possible. Use this list to help design flyers, and other marketing materials for your home. While working with your Apple Realty professional, provide us with this list so that we can create these flyers and advertisements for you.

· Real Estate Publications: There are many magazines and publications that feature homes currently on the market.

· Signs: We will place a For Sale sign on your front lawn for additional exposure. Apple Realty will also place Directional Signs to point interested parties towards the location of your property.

· Real Estate Flyers: Apple Realty can provide design flyers that you can distribute throughout the community. Our flyers will provide our contact information so that prospective buyers can schedule an appointment.

· Networking: Tell friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers that you are placing your home on the market. They may know someone who is currently looking to buy. Apple Realty is part of a network of real estate offices and agents who are members of the MLS. We will also send out announcements to our customers to let them know you have listed your home. Even if our customers aren't interested, they may know someone who may be interested in your home.

· The Internet: The Internet is a great way to market your home. Apple Realty can be found @ . Your property will be included in a listing database where potential buyers are able to search for listings that meet their specific home criteria. Property listings on websites offer color photos, as well as property details. We are also synicated via our local MLS system to many different websites including, Trulia, Zillow, hotpads, etc.